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bodhrán: Irish frame drum

Pronounced bow'-rawn in Southern Ireland, bor'-on in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Never bod'-drun, bow-rawn' or bor-on'. (The d is always silent; accent on the first syllable.) Irish meaning “defeaning” or “to deafen.”


Wikipedia nicely summarizes the bodhrán's origin and role in Irish traditional music.

The bodhrán section of this Ceolas site has not been updated since 2007, but is still worth visiting for its detail.

Recommended bodhrán maker

Albert Alfonso, Dallas, Texas. No one else.

Recommended practice CD
One More Time: Irish Dance Music
Billy McComiskey, button accordion; Brendan Mulvihill, fiddle; Zan McLeod, guitar
Produced by and available from Culkin School of Traditional Irish Dance, Washington, DC
Reels, jigs, hornpipes, slip jigs and slides that range from slow to moderate to competition speeds. An excellent practice CD for beginning bodhrán players. (Originally recommended by Deb Brower who uses it for her Washington, DC students.)

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