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From the perspective of combined experience in marketing, promotion, writing, and design…

Marketing Strategy

Help you to determine the purpose of your Web site.

Identify the groups who may have an interest in visiting your site.

Identify the ways to maximize visits and revisits to your site, and, if applicable, convert visitors into customers, and maximize net income.

Set up a system for you to maintain contact with your visitors through email/electronic newsletters.

Domain Name Registration

Help you select a customized/personalized, meaningful and easy-to-remember domain name (URL/Web site address), such as, www.yourdomainname.com.

Register your domain name for less than $10 per year.
(Don't pay the full rate or pay a third-party surcharge. You don't need to.)

Set up email addresses (pop, imap or forwarding) based on your domain name, such as, [email protected] and [email protected]

Web Host Selection

Select a reliable, professional Web host at the best possible value.

(Note: I do not host sites, nor am I a reseller, nor do I get a commission or any other kind of fee or remuneration from Web hosts. This enables me to recommend Web hosts in your interest without bias or personal gain, and help you to change Web hosts if it becomes necessary or desirable.)

Search Engine Submission

Submit your site for free with the main search engines.
(Don't pay search engines or third parties for submissions; it is needless.)

Implement ways to increase your site's rankings with major search engines.

Site Design

A custom-designed, user-centric, practical, attractive, professional, fast-loading site that visitors will want to revisit.

Includes pages with buttons, images (photos, logos, artwork), text, audio; email and Web links, search engine indexing (meta tags), and CSS (style sheets). Optional interactive features.

Applies to new site design, re-design of an existing site, or conversion from HTML and/or tables and/or frames to CSS and layers.

(Note: I recommend against the use of gimmicks and/or inherently bad Web design concepts, such as, gratuitous animation/Flash, frames, tables, splash pages, excessively large or multiple images per page, and banners. Also, be aware that sites look their best when viewed in Macintosh OS X.)

Site Maintenance

Update your site's text, images, links, files, audio/video, and other content on call.

Periodically review search engine rankings, site visit statistics, and content.

Add pages, features and re-design when necessary.

Protect your site from email harvesters and other hackers.

(To encourage revisits to your site, I recommend rich, compelling up-to-date content, and interactivity.)

Optional Technical Services

Interactive features, such as, discussion board/forum, surveys/polls, calendar, blogs/journals, guestbooks, feedback/comments/suggestions

Online catalog/shopping cart/payment processing

Online database

Online forms

Mailing list manager (with automatic online subscribe/unsubscribe feature by recipients)

Scripted rollover buttons

Streaming audio/video

RSS feeds

CGI scripts

(Note: Many of these technical services are designed to encourage revisits, convert visitors to customers and maximize income, and reduce or eliminate manual paperwork.)

Other Optional Services


Image editing


File and/or image and/or text and/or audio/video conversion

Pay-per-click search engine submission

Web site traffic report and other site/ranking/content analyses

Client content management

Site Design Steps

Determine Web marketing needs/strategy

Review/register domain name(s)

Review/select Web host

Assemble initial text; photos, logo, and other artwork; audio/video if applicable

Select/approve layout

Test pages and links (in Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari)

Publish pages

Submit site with the major (free) search engines

Add optional interactivity

Optional maintenance

(Note: Agreed turnaround begins after required material in proper format is provided. Supplied materials must meet copyright requirements.)


For concepts behind the services, see Web design philosophy.

For examples of philosophy/services, see Web design portfolio.

For site design, re-design, conversion, or maintenance, go to the contact page.

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